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wh spect was never su new information about the stabbing death of a woman in the parking lot of her apartment complex. >> >> no one wants to be seen as being hafl -- hateful. >> the battle for gay marriage heats up. and a new hope the oyster form will be able to stay
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open after all. new details tonight about the fatal stabbing of a woman in san jose. this was the scene yesterday afternoon as police went house to house looking for the killer. tonight, police have identified the suspect, and he is still on the run. police are calling it a case of domestic homicide. ding) friends >> reporter: friends and members of the family gathered in the parking lot of sanda cruz gonzalez' near her apartment. she was 29. a neighbor told us the victim has a 9 or 10-year-old son. she was stabbed to death friday by an ex-boyfriend. gi was scared because -- >> i was scared because there
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was a guy sitting on the curb full of blood. and i wor across the street, and i had to run to the county. >> we now that the suspect had a confrontation with her in the parking lot. he stabbed her multiple time, fled on if the, jumped a fence into the neighborhood just east of the crime. >> reporter: the suspect is juan ramirez. he dated cruz-gonzalez two years ago. then he continued to stock the victim who had a restraining order against hip. now he's believed headed to mexico. immediately after the stabbing friday, police launched a search thinking he may still be in the neighborhood. >> they're going to go door to door and search people's backyard. it's hide and seek for a murder suspect. >> reporter: >> this really is a difficult one for us to accept because she couldn't have done anymore other than move away and change her
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whole life. and i don't think that's reasonable. >> reporter: there were many people in the area at the time of the stabbing. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> san jose police say there could be a significant cash reward for information in the case. a san francisco club is shut down following a triple shooting overnight. an argument led to gunn fire inside the 330 rich nightclub around 1:30 am. by the time it was over, three people had been shot, one critically. a spokesman says investigators are looking at surveillance footage from the club. the city's entertainment commission shut the club down for at least the weekend. a man shot and killed in san leandro while trying to protect his mother-in-law.
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two unidentified suspects tried to rob the woman last night. the 33-year-old man was shot after coming out of the house to help. both suspects took off in a dark-colored sedan. the fbi needs your help identifying an east bay bank robbery suspect. they call him the buttoned-down bandit. authorities say he's committed two bank robberies this month. one in pleasanton, one in walnut creek. he's also got an accent. military officials say the gunman and one of the victims involved in a deadly shooting at the marine corps case in quantico, virginia, are from the bay area. the marine who shot two of his colleagues to death and killed himself thursday was a tactics instructor. one of
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the victims was from oakley. she had been in the marines since december of 2011. the suspected shooter was from pacifica. the other victim was a 23-year-old male from mississippi. all three worked at the marine corps's officer candidate school. the marines have not described the relationship between the three. in a case that could have wideranging contact, a challenge to california's ban on same-sex marriage goes before the supreme court next week. while support for gay marriage is on the rise, one bay area religious leader is defending "traditional marriage." >> kevin: the truth will come back. >> reporter: and to him, the truth is marriage should be exclusive to one man and one woman. >> i'm sure there are many gay couples that are providing a loving entertainment for their
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children. but there's one thing they can't provide, and it's not their fault, but that's a mother or a father. >> reporter: the supreme court will hear arguments over california's prop 8 on tuesday, a case filed in part by a couple from berkeley. >> we can see the potential for a really good outcome. but there's also the possibility of something different happening. so we have to continue to temper our hopes and dreams for this. >> reporter: in the meantime, public support for same-sex marriage has hit a new high. a pew center poll finds 49% of americans favor legalizing it, 44% oppose. and a washington post abc news poll shows 58% support, 36% opposed. the numbers show overwhelming support from young adults with 81% of respondents under age 30 in the latter poll supporting same-sex marriage. >> if they really think about it, they're the first victims of the demise of the marriage
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culture. marriage has been dismantled for a very long time in this country. >> reporter: he shares the catholic bishops' view. >> if the law supports the idea that this is bigotry, then those bigots will be marginalized and punished. >> reporter: whatever is decided, the debate will not end. he likens it to one of the church's other big rallying cries, abortion. >> the longer this society goes against those principles, the more harm will be done. but the issue will never die out because it's not just. >> reporter: the other plaintiff in the case spoke today from southern california. >> we're not trying to topple the institution or damage the institution. we're not trying to change any language or redefine anything. and we're certainly not trying to find a special right some place to make a statement. >> reporter: and as the debate
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continues, the bishop has a marriage for people like them. >> we do love you. we do want your happiness. and would ask you to please try to hear us and to respect us this is a very contentious debate. let's keep hate out of it. >> the supreme court will hear arguments on tuesday, and the federal defense of marriage act is heard on wednesday. the court will not rule until late june. diane feinstein is cosponsoring an amendment, the drakes bay oyster company is the only in the national seashore. the government wants to remove the oysters and return the area to wilderness. the ruling allows the farm to stay open until a hearing to appeal that decision in may.
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mr. obama arrived at joint andrews in maryland, j president obama is back home. he arrived in maryland a few hours ago after visiting idrail, the west bank -- israel, the west bank, and jordan. but it wasn't all business. the president managed to do some history-minute sight-seeing before he left. >> reporter: president obama, the tourist, walked through the ancient city of petra in jordan. >> spectacular. >> reporter: in iman, he met with king abdullah, and announced he's working to deliver an additional $200 million in aid to help jordan care for the more than 460,000 refugees. >> the sight of children and women being slaughtered that we've seen so much i think has to compel all of us to say what
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more can we do? >> reporter: president obama spent the first three days of his mid-east visit here in israel. he reaffirmed his commitment to the country's security and sat down through several meetings with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> reporter: president obama also used a speech to israeli students to make a direct appeal to peace with the palestinians. an israeli journalist says local reporters were skeptical about president obama's trip but watched him make a connection. >> he used all the tricks. he was so charm ing. he charmed all the israelis. >> reporter: he says he doesn't expect president obama back anytime soon unless there's a major breakthrough in israeli palestinian peace talks.
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>> this trip was the first foreign visit of the president's second term. the family was crushed underneath the sign. >> something no one would ever expect at an airport. a 300-pound airport sign falls on them. >> many gathers south of rome hoping to catch another glimpse of a historic day for the pope. and why it was suddenly lights out tonight on the bay bridge! >> after a beautiful saturday, how about an encore for sunday? but there are changes ahead.
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and his family -- at an ala airport. officials at the birmingham- a 10-year-old boy dead after a flight information sign fell on him and his family at an alabama airport. the officials say his mother is in critical condition, and two of the boys' siblings are also hospitalized. upon the panel which displayed
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arrival and departures weighed up to 400 pounds. >> kevin: the family was crushed. little kids crushed underneath the sign. and everybody was scattering to lift it up. i helped lift it up. >> the boy 's father is pressing officials explain how the sign toppled over. an airport spokeswoman says no one is sure how it fell. an identical sign has been removed as a precaution. the new pope francis and the retired pope benedict had lunch together today. it's the first time the two have met since francis became the leader of the catholic church. >> reporter: with his arms outstretched, pope francis greeted his predecessor with a hug at the papal retreat. the two prayed together.
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benedict asked francis to use the kneeler, but francis insisted they spray side by side, saying "we are brothers. " >> reporter: he gave him the madonna of humility. then they spoke private for nearly an hour before having lunch. francis thanked benedict for his ministry, and benedict offered his allegiance to the new pope. many gathered in the central square hoping to catch a glimpse. but neither pope appeared at the balcony. >> reporter: this man says "we hoped for it, but it was okay anyway. it was a private meeting." since his election, the former archbishop has won over many with his gentleness and emphasis on helng the poor.
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>> the stories we are from argentina are not so good. so we don't know what to think about. >> reporter: he will return to the vatican again soon to live in a converted monastery. it will be the first time in history that two popes will live side by side. >> a spokesman says the meeting between the pope and benedict was warm and casual and he didn't think the two men used former titles when speaking to each other. in addition to a gun buyback, the city of san jose hosted a gang buyback earlier today. it was part of a unity day celebration in san jose. people looking to turn gang paraphernalia in santa clara county could get a gift card. one coordinator said they take whatever they can get. >> the unique portion of our event is gang attire, pocket knives, brass knuckles, etc.
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kids are motivated to bring them in. so we had a middle schooler drop off a bag of maybe 20 clothes items. >> more than 100 people showed up in east san jose. it the bay bridge's new attraction went dark tonight. the light sculpture made up of 25,000 leds premiered earlier this month and will remain lit for two years, but tonight along with other landmarks in cities around the world, they went dark to mark "earth hour." it's a movement to unite people to help conserve resources. look, winters refusing to leave quietly. despite spring's arrival, colorado was pommelled with a snow storm today. travelers north of denver were stopped cold.
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whiteout conditions closed down 154 miles from denver to kansas. >> it all moves in waves. somebody is suffer ing ing somewhere, somebody is celebrating somewhere else. there's some changes coming this week. we'll go out and have a look at the weather around the bay area. 54 in concourse. livermore, 53. pleasant and warmer read ings than in the warmest part of their day back east. san jose at 53, and santa rosa at 49. for us tomorrow, sunny day skies again, if on the chilly side. upper 40s to low 50s around tomorrow morning. and a mostly sunny sunday. monday, a repeat performance. but then it cools down by tuesday.
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and low pressure coming out of the pacific, so by thursday it might turn wet. the stream out in the pacific finally comes farther south toward the bay area. with the high pressure over the pacific, mild weather tomorrow and monday. looks pretty good. time lapse shows the low pressure offshore and screaming toward the pacific northwest. but it's leaving us alone. some rain over british columbia for sunday. a great day to do stuff. on futurecast, a few leclouds around the peninsula -- low louds around the peninsula. in fresno, 78 degrees. 53 in the north coast at eureka. sfo, if you're heading out of the bay area on monday looks nice. patchy fog for you on sunday. and snow in new york, that's for monday. chicago gets cloudy
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skies and 36 degrees sunny. but only 30 in denver. for us, overnight loy lows -- overnight lows. 64 in the city, and 5-day forecast is calling for things to cloud up on tuesday and on wednesday, i'm not putting rain in yet, but thursday looks like it might cloud up enough. maybe in the north bay and not so much in the south bay. cute creatures that have been awol for the monterey bay aquarium for months, they're back! ,,,,,,,,
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attractions are back. the ce and cuddly california sea otters were taken out of their tank more than six mo the cute and cuddly california sea otters were taken out of their tanks more than six months ago. the walls and the 55-gallon tank were chipping. and the windows needed buffing. the $3 million renovation is finished. green slime and orange blooms are in abundance at nickelodeon's annual kids' choice awards today. [ cheering and applause ] >> they were just some of the celebrities who got slimed during the show. the viewers voted kids' favorites innim if, music -- film, music, sports and tv.
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this is the 26th year nickelodeon has held the awards show. and that's a lot of slime. >> they've almost all gone home. the minute is next! ,, [ male announcer ] subway introduces the new $3 six-inch select! this march, we're kicking things off with the low fat oven roasted chicken $3 six-inch select.
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he took cal to the round of sweet 16 his first year. that was 16 years ago! cal was knocking at the door again tonight in san jose, but they
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had to get by syracuse as we start the clock. mike montgomery, and jimmy boeheim! almost 1,600 wins between them. cj fair, syracuse some early momentum. both had poor shooting nights. and the bears never led in the game. the bears lose a frustrating one. a shocker! wichita state shocker! baker in the clutch. they knock off the no. 1 seed, 76-70. john wall and the wizards at oracle. the dub up 19. and then curry to bogut, goodnight irene! the warriors win. curry got hurt but

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